Corvus catalogue
Here you can download the latest Corvus catalogue:



Are Edition Corvus scores available from music sellers?

No, you only get them via this website

Who is behind Edition Corvus?

Birgit Schwab & Daniel Ahlert

Why/How does Edition Corvus exist?

In 2002 we started our Edition, wanting to make interesting new music for mandolin and guitar available for everybody. At first, we had only been thinking about music that had been written for us. That way we could decide about layout and fingerings ourselves, and we could talk directly to the composer about which version of a new piece should be published. Meanwhile, we have extended our edition towards older repertoire, which we either have found, reconstructed, transcribed or find especially useful for teaching. Over the years, Edition Corvus has made a name for itself for publishing precious and rare music. It's become hard to imagine the field of publishers for music for plucked instruments without it.